Dental Extractions
Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth are the third molar at the back of the jaw that begin growing (or “erupting”) in late childhood…thus the term “Wisdom teeth” as they come in when a child is “older and wiser”.  Most people do not have a large enough mouth to handle wisdom teeth, and need them removed (or “extracted”). 

Wisdom Teeth get harder to extract as we age because the roots get longer and the jaw gets denser. This can lead to more complications and longer recovery times if wisdom teeth are extracted in adulthood instead of in a person’s teenage years.

When wisdom teeth erupt, the tooth can become “impacted”, which means the tooth isn’t in alignment with the other teeth.  This can cause pain, swelling, bad breath, tooth decay, and even lead to tumors and cysts that can affect nearby healthy teeth and jaw bone.  Even wisdom teeth that appear to erupt correctly can cause periodontal and tooth decay problems as a person ages. Therefore, wisdom tooth extraction as a teen is considered a necessary preventative procedure that can help avoid painful problems in adulthood.


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